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Can I pause my subscription?
Can I pause my subscription?

Follow these steps to preserve all your settings and rates in the app, while temporarily canceling your subscription.

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  1. Uninstall the app

  2. Re-install the app

  3. Keep the app in Test Mode

  4. Switch to Live Mode when you're ready to resume your subscription. 

Are you sure I can just uninstall the app without losing all my settings? 


When you uninstall the app, we don't delete your data right away, if you re-install the app within 48 hours, you can count on everything being exactly the same when you re-install it. 

No, but seriously, it spent a lot of time adding all my rates and rules, the idea of uninstalling the app and having start over terrifies me. I've uninstalled other apps and have lost all my work.

While you may have experienced other Shopify apps deleting all your data when you uninstall, Advanced Shipping Rules preserves all your rates and settings. So when you re-install all your rates, rules, and everything will be there. 

How to Uninstall the app

  1. Go to the Apps list in the Shopify admin 

  2. Click 'Delete' next to Advanced Shipping Rules


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