Once you have successfully tested all your rates, it is time to switch the app to Live Mode, and then manually remove your pre-existing rates. 

What happens when you switch to Live Mode. 

  • Rates from the app will appear to all customers, not just one's using First Name Bambri. 

  • The [ASR] at the end of each rate from the app will be removed. 

What doesn't happen when you switch to Live Mode. 

  • Your pre-existing rates will still be showing, the app will not your old rates from showing. 

How to Switch to Live Mode

To switch to Live Mode, click the Switch To Live Mode button in the yellow banner at the top of the app. 

Then follow the steps to activate your subscription and free trial. 

  • After you switch to live mode and start your subscription, you get a 7-Day free trial in Live Mode. 

  • If you uninstall the app within 7 days after switching to Live Mode and activating your subscription, you will not be billed. 

Switch back to Test Mode

After you switch to Live Mode you can switch back to Test Mode by going to the Settings Tab in the app and clicking Enable Test Mode. 

How you know the app is in Live Mode

The app is in Live Mode if you don't see a yellow banner at the top of the app anymore. 

How to manually remove your pre-existing rates. 

Because the app cannot stop your old rates from showing, you have to manually remove them from your shipping zones if you no longer want them to appear, and you only want the rates from the app to appear. 

  • Go to Shopify Admin > Settings > Shipping > Manage Rates

  • Scroll down and find your shipping zones. 

  • Click the '•••' next to each of your old rates and delete them. 

  • Do not delete the Advanced Shipping Rules calculated rate

  • Do not delete your actual shipping zone either. 

When not to delete your pre-existing rates

In most cases, you will be using the app to replace all your old rates. However, you can use our app in conjunction with other rates connected to your shipping zones. 

For instance, You could have your existing rates, and just be using our app to show a bonus Free Shipping rate under certain conditions. 

In this case you don't need to remove your old rates. You can just switch the app to Live Mode, and it will show that bonus rate in addition to your pre-existing rates which you don't need to remove. 

That's it for the Getting Started Guide!

You can continue to explore Help Center topics if you need more help. 

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