Advanced Shipping Rules connects as a calculated rate to your shipping zones in the Shopify shipping settings. 

Shopify Admin > Settings > Shipping > Manage Rates

Below you see a two rates connected to the zone: 

  •  Ground Shipping, a native Shopify rates

  • Advanced Shipping Rules, a carrier service rate

  • The app has no access to the Ground Shipping rate

  • It cannot make adjustments to the Ground Shipping rate

  • It cannot combine with the Ground Shipping rate

  • When the app is connected to a zone it can only show rates at checkout, or not show rates at checkout. 

  • As long as the native rate Ground Shipping is part of the shipping zone, it will always show at checkout as Ground Shipping for $12, and there is nothing the app can do to stop it. 

  • The only way to stop a pre-existing rate from showing at checkout is to manually remove it from the zone

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