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Everything you need to know about creating, managing, deleting product groups, and assigning/re-assigning products to them

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Add Product Group

  • From the Product Groups tab, click + Add Product Group

Product Group Label

  • Used in the admin only, and won't be seen by your customers. 

  • Refers to the product group within the app. 

  • Can be edited later

Add Products

This is where you search for and select products from your catalog to assign to the product group.

  • All products from your shop are listed

Use the Search Products input field to search product titles to filter the list

  • It will only search Product Titles, not Product Description, SKU or other product attributes

Use the Vendors dropdown, and select a Vendor to filter the list of products.

Or, use the Product Types dropdown to filter by Product Type

You can use one, two, or all filters to narrow the product catalog. 

Select Products Individually

Once you've narrowed the product catalog, click the checkbox next to each product you want to add/assign. 

  • You can page through the search results and make selections on different pages

  • You can make a selection, re-do your search parameters, and make a second selection. 

Or, Select Products in Bulk

Click the Select All checkbox to select all the product on the current search result page. 

Click the blue link under that to select all products in the entire search ( across all search result pages )

Once you've made your selections, click Save Product Group

  • You can always go back and add more products to a group, so you can assign in batches if needed. 

Assigning individual variants

Instead of selecting entire products, you can select individual variants within a product.

  • In the Add Products section where products are listed, click the gray X Variants text under the product title to expand the variants for that product.

  • Click the checkbox next to an individual variant to select it.

Reassign Products

When you want to reassign a product to a different group...

  • Click Manage Products for the target group you want to re-assign the product to.

  • Scroll down to the Add Products section.

  • Search for and click the checkboxes next to the products that should be re-assigned to that group.

  • Then click the Assign Selected Products button at the bottom.

When you assign products to a group, it will re-assign them and they will no longer belong in the old group.

A product/variant can only belong to one group

Product variants can only belong to one group. But, you may see a product belong in multiple groups only if different variants from that product are in separate groups. You can click the ‘variant’ text next to the product title to expand the variants, and see which group each variant is in.

If you assign an entire product to a new group, it will re-assign all its variants to that group.

Using fulfillment services

When you assign products to a group within a fulfillment service, the app will update that product’s fulfillment service in the Shopify admin.

If you update a product's fulfillment service in the Shopify admin, then that product will automatically and instantly be re-assigned to that fulfillment service's default group within the app. 

Delete a Product Group

  • Click Manage Products under group you want to delete

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, click the red Delete Product Group link

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