Let's say you want different rates to show within a Shipping zone based on postal codes. 

We'll use a common example. you can extrapolate this example to apply to your own use case for different rates based on postal codes: 

  • Setting different rates within the UK for regions like the Channel Isles, and Northern Ireland. 

Here is what the set-up looks like: 


Let's take a look within the Channel Isles rate to see how its set-up: 

Let's take a look at the Mainland rate to see how its set-up: 

Here are the directions to set it up yourself: 

  1. Add all the rates you want to offer to each area within the same shipping zone. 

  2. Within the rates you want scoped to a region, go to the Rules section of the rate, and add a rule "Only show rate when...Postal Code...starts with...'X, Y, Z' "

  3. Do this for each rate for a targeted area. So in another rate you can add a rule "Only show rate when... Postal Code... starts with...'A,B,C' "

  4. Then in the rate you have for everywhere else within the main zone, add a rule like "Hide rate when... Postal Code... starts with...'A,B,C,X,Y,Z'


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