So you have some products that are considered dangerous/hazardous goods, which cannot ship via air shipping methods, only ground. 

Here is how you can hide the air rates when there are dangerous goods in an order. 

Set-up your shipping rates: 

In the app, Add Rates to the Default product group. 

Add all the rates you want to offer. It may look something like this after you add all the options. 

Then edit one of the air methods. 

On the rate edit page scroll to the Rules section, and select the rule type Hide rate when..., and then click Add Rule

Then from the first dropdown select one of the product variables: Title, Vendor, SKU to target your hazardous products. ( What if I can't target products with Title, Vendor, or SKU )

Choose equals, contains, starts with, ends with, or some other comparison variable. 

And then add a value, or multiple values separated by commas to target the products.

Then save the rule, and save the rate. 

Edit any other rates that are air methods, and add the same rule to them. 

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