Subzones are commonly used for setting different or additional rates for local-delivery areas and charging higher rates or restricting shipments to distant rural areas within a state or province.

  • Subzones are defined by a comma separated list of postal codes.
  • Subzones work with any country that uses a postal code system of any format, whether it’s 100-001, 12309, K2P 1L4, G4 0QZ, etc.
  • Subzones function like a regular zone within the app. The subzone will be available as a zone within each product group.
  • It’s called a subzone because it must belong within a normal zone synced from the Shopify shipping settings.

Add a Subzone

  • Go to the Sync tab.
  • Locate the Shipping Zones section
  • Click Add Subzone next the relevant zone
  • Give the subzone a label
  • Enter a list of comma separated postal codes. You can list full postal codes, or use wildcards. Example: 12345,1234*,123**,12***,1****. Do not input: 1*
  • Click Add Subzone
  • After you’ve added a subzone, it will appear within each product group, under the parent subzone.
  • The rates that are configured in the parent zone for each group will be cloned automatically into the subzone.
  • You can then add and remove rates from the subzones within each product group.
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