If you have the calculated rate feature enabled, the app will automatically connect to your shipping zones when you install the app. 

Go to Shopify Admin > Settings > Shipping > Manage Rates

Scroll down, and you will see the app connected to each of your zones. 

  • Shipping zones correspond to the address a customer uses at checkout.  When a customer's address is within a given zone, Shopify will request rates from the app for that particular zone. 

  • If you remove the app from a zone, the app will no longer show rates at checkout for that zone. 

  • You can remove the app from a zone and re-add the app as a rate to a zone and the rates will still be preserved within the app. 

  • You can selectively use the app within only one, some, or all your shipping zones. 

The app syncs with the Shipping Zones of the first location of the Default Shipping Profile only. 

The app allows you to configure rates within the context of Shipping Zones that are synced from your Shopify settings. 

In the Shopify Settings: 

When you edit rates for a product group, you will see the zones from the Default Profile in the app to add rates to. 

When you make changes to your Shipping Zones, go to the Sync tab to sync the changes in the app. 

Let's say you add a new zone in the Shopify Shipping Settings

When you open the app, you will see a blue banner indicating that Shipping zones need to be synced. 

Go to the Sync tab of the app, and click Sync Shipping Zones

The new zone will appear in the app for you to add rates to

If you remove the app from a zone, that zone will show as 'Not Connected' in the app. 

If you remove the app from a zone, and then Sync Shipping Zones in the app, a 'Not Connected' label will show on the zone within the app, indicating that the app will not return rates for that zone. 

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