Configure Blended Rates

Blended Rates are the rates that show when there are multiple product groups in an order

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  • When there is a single product group in an order, the app will show whatever rates have been configured for that group. 

  • When there are multiple product groups in an order, the app will show Blended Rates. 

**Therefore, blended rates are only relevant when you are using multiple product groups in the app. If you aren't using product groups, then you can skip this section.**

Default Blended Rate

Without taking any additional action, there is already a default Blended Rates setup in the app with the title Standard Shipping. Click Configure to take a peak at how this default blended rate is set-up by default.

This default blended rate will add together the Lowest Returned Rate from each product group in an order. 

When you have Lowest returned rate selected, and there are multiple rates within a product group, this means that the blended rate will use the cheapest shipping rate from the group in calculating the blended rate. 

So, instead of Lowest returned rate, you can choose a specific shipping rate. 

When there is only one rate in a product group, the Lowest returned rate will always be that one rate that is in the group. So in the below example choosing either Lowest returned rate or Free Shipping would have the same outcome. 

Going beyond the Default Blended Rate

As you learned, by default, you don't have to do anything to have a Standard Shipping blended rate show at checkout when there are multiple product groups. 

Here are the things you can do to further customize and expand upon blended rates:

Edit the Blended Rate Title

Add Rules

You can add rules to the blended rate to change how the blended rate is calculated. Without any rules the blended rate will simply add together each rate. But if you want to set some product groups to free, or discount rates when there are multiple groups, or other behaviors you can explore adding a Rule to the blended rate. 

Explore the rule types and pick the one that works for you to configure. 

Add Additional Blended Rates

If you want more than one rate to show when there are multiple product groups in an order, you can add additional blended rates.

Click + Add Blended Rate

Give it a Title and/or Subtitle, and Save Blended Rate.

Then choose different preferred rates from each group to form the additional blended rate. 

Learn More About Blended Rates

If you want a more in-depth explanation to help you understand blended rates visit the link below: 

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