Test rates at checkout while in Test Mode

Use first name 'Bambri' at checkout to reveal rates from the app while in Test Mode

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You will notice, at the top of the app, there is a yellow banner indicating the app is in Test Mode. 

Test Mode allows you to test the rates from the app at checkout, before the rates are live to your customers. 

How to Test Rates

To test rates, you must use First Name 'Bambri' to reveal rates from the app. 

  • Go to the front-end of your website, like you are a customer. 

  • Add products to the cart and head all the way to checkout. 

  • In the first section of checkout it asks for a shipping address. 

  • Fill in a complete address, but in the First Name field put in the name Bambri

  • Then click Continue to Shipping

  • Rates with [ASR] at the end are the rates coming from the app. Only you can see these rates. 

  • Rates without [ASR] at the end are your pre-existing rates. Your customers can currently see these rates. 

Only pay attention to the rates with [ASR] at the end. Because, when it is all said and done you will switch the app to Live Mode and then manually remove your old rates. 

Imagine the only rates you are seeing are the one's with [ASR] at the end. 

**Once you switch to Live Mode and use a non-Bambri first name, [ASR] will no longer appear at the end of the rates**

**You cannot test rates in your cart shipping estimator because it doesn't send first name information to trigger test mode, so you have to do your testing in the actual checkout.**

Test all your rates

  • Test each product group by itself, you will see rates set-up for that group

  • Test different product groups together, you will see Blended Rates. 

  • Test all your zones

While you are testing your rates, and making changes to the rates in the app, and then going back to see those changes at checkout, you have to beware of the Shopify Shipping Cache. Learn more about this in the next section.

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